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Currently, the stories posted here are ones that I participated in.  Hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed participating!! 


Circle Writing Challenge #7-Mary and Kate's Dark and Stormy Night Challenge

Trixie Belden, girl wonder and her faithful sidekick, Honey Wheeler, jumped into the BWG-mobile and raced out of the Club-Cave, destined to stop Sgt. Freeze from turning Sleepyside into Freezyside.


 Circle Writing Challenge #10-Blogathon 2003

This was a lot of fun participating in.  Hope you enjoy the read. 

I've posted my portion here.



Jixemitri 5th Anniversary Group Writing Project

There's No Place Like Jix

This was another awesome story that was a lot of fun participating in during the

Jixaversary celebrations.   


My portion of the story is posted here



Summer By Design

By Janice


It was an honor being able to host her story, but, alas, her story

can now be found at her site.  Click the link above to get to the story, but you will need

  Jixemitri's magic words to access it. 

To see all the other goodies Janice has to offer, click here!!


Circle Writing Project #14-Blogathon 2005

(Note: This location is only temporary. This message will disappear when the permanent link is up)


Another Blogathon that was a lot of fun participating in. 

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did writing it. 

I've posted my portion here.



Jixemitri 6th Anniversary Group Writing Project


This year, we broke up into seven groups, one for each Bob-White :) to

mark Jixemitri's sixth fantabulous year on the net!!


Dani, Kaye and myself were part of Group Dan for the

anniversary.  Check out our part here.



Jixemitri Author's Secret Santa Gift-Fic Exchange


Some of us Author's exchanged stories amongst ourselves for Christmas. 

I was delighted to have received Robin as my recipient. 


Here is the story that I wrote especially for her!!

Huge Hugs, Robin!!











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