From Deep Within

The stories in this universe start a couple of years after the series ended (with the girls being 15, at that time) Therefore, according to my calculations, Trixie, Honey and Diana are 17, Mart and Dan are 18, Jim is 19 and Brian is 20. 


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  A Night To Remember  (February, 1998)     (CWP #7)


 A Festival Of Lights (November, 1999 )  (CWP Anniversary #3)


 The Dark Days Of Summer (May, 2000)


  The Eye Of The Storm (August, 2000)      (CWP #5)    


  And So This Is Christmas {December, 2000}   (CWP #9)


  Serenity  (May 2001) (CWP #8)

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  You Are My Everything (August 2001)   (CWP #2)

 When You Wish Upon a Star (November 2001) (CWP #4)

  Home For The Holidays {December 2001} (CWP Anniversary #4)                                                                                            

  It's All About Forever {February, 2002} {CWP #11 and CWC #4}

**You will need a password to access this story; please contact Vivian**


 The Trials and Tribulations of Summer {May - September 2002}                                                                         (CWP #1) 

   The Most Wonderful Time of The Year {December 25, 2002}

  To Right A Wrong  {December, 2002-January, 2003} 



Titles for future stories, not necessarily in this order:

**Unfortunately, Amy passed away on July 21, 2014. No future stories will be written or posted.**

  Sometimes The Past Bites Back

  When The Sun Finally Rises

 And The Truth Shall Set You Free

 Blinded By The Light




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