Here I have listed the birthdays for each of the

Bob-Whites and some of the immediate family and friends.


These dates and years will be the same in both my universes...for now!!



Brian Peter Belden

October 22, 1977


Martin Harold Belden

June 1, 1979


Beatrix "Trixie" Alicia Belden

May 1, 1980


Robert Andrew Belden

December 3, 1987


Madeleine "Honey" Patricia Wheeler

June 17, 1980


James Winthrop Frayne II

July 15, 1978


Diana Michelle Lynch

July 27, 1980


Lawrence and Terrance Lynch

March 27, 1988


Stacy and Tracy Lynch

September 2, 1990


Daniel Thomas Mangan

November 27, 1979


Morgan Clarice Raines

January 13, 1980



Special Occasions and Anniversaries

These dates will fluctuate with each universe.


Deep Within


Brian Belden and Madeleine Wheeler wed

January 1, 2001


Martin Belden and Diana Lynch wed

February 14, 2002


A River Runs Through It


Matthew Donovan Wheeler Jr.

Date still to be announced






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