I don't even know where to begin. Let's see. I am a single mother of two very energetic girls.

I started reading Trixie when they re-published them in square editions back 1984. They didn't publish the whole series at the time. I wrote Western Publishing, wanting to know when the rest of the series would be available. They actually wrote back telling me that they were not publishing anymore. Very depressing for a fourteen year old who lived for the books.  I would rush into any books store we passed, hoping and praying that they published another, but soon they were no longer available in any of the stores.  Sixteen years later, while talking to a co-worker, I found out that she was a Trixie fan as well and had almost a complete set-she was lacking 39. So, after all that time, I remembered that I still had the books stored at my parents house.  February of 2002, I started reading the series again, borrowing from her the ones I lacked. I got onto Ebay and completed my collection in no time. Around that same time, I punched 'Trixie Belden' into the Google search engine and what a list of results!!  I was hooked all over again. I never realized how much I missed the series.

A picture from my All-time Favorite Trixie Book:


Trixie Belden and the Mystery of the Emeralds

And here I am. I decided that I wanted to try to make my own site. After borrowing from here and there, I put my own site together dedicated it to the 'infamous' Trixie and the Bob Whites of the Glen.

Other than Trixie, I like to read Stephen King and Mary Higgins Clark, currently.

Movies?? I love anything that Harrison Ford, Tommy Lee Jones, and Nicholas Cage are in. I am also a Star Wars junkie!! And I guess I can admit to be a Trkie growing up, thanks to my Sci-Fi loving father!! I'm not really that picky when it comes to movies.  I love a really good horror flick, romance-comedies aren't too bad, as long as it's not revolving around teenagers, and comedies are the best.  Nothing beats a good ROTFLMAOPIMP comedy!!

Ultimate Favorite movie:

The Crow

TV Shows?? CSI, CSI: Miami, 24, That 70's Show, Charmed, some Angel, and a few others, but not as regularly as these. I watch the old re-runs of Battlestar Galactica, among other things, on the Sci-Fi Channel.

Did I mention that I'm a Star Wars fanatic!! 

Music?? I love the 80's hair bands--big time

Favorite bands are: Aerosmith, 3 Doors Down, Nickelback, and Linkin Park. 

Basically, I can and will listen to just about anything!! (Well, maybe not everything.  Even I draw the line somewhere!!)

I hope you enjoy my site. If you have questions or comments, feel free to drop me a line.