Welcome to my Second Universe, A River Runs Through It. 


This universe starts off years before the first book.  This is also an alternate universe in which Jim's parents are alive and well...for now *g*  Traditional? Non-Traditional?  Not sure yet which way that door will swing!! *g*


The stories will take place in and around the books themselves, with subtle changes made by me!!


Just in case you missed the previous page, check out the Birthdays/Celebrations

page to find pertinent information on birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions throughout all my universes!!



O Little Town Of Sleepyside  (December, 1987) {Mystery Book CWP 1-Happy Holidays}


And So It Begins  (August, 1990) 


There's Something About Diana  (June, 1991) 


Summer Dreams (June, 1993) 


Something Wicked This Way Comes (July-August, 1993) 

           Part One  Part Two  Part Three


The Eternal Bond (September, 1993)   **Not available - Amy never finished this story and, unfortunately, passed away on July 21, 2014**


Happy Halloween (October, 1993)   {2006 Halloween Challenge}


Mistletoe and Holly (December, 1993) 








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"Eventually, all things merge into one,
and a river runs through it."
~Norman Maclean