Meg Ryan as                     Anthony Michael Hall as

                                               Trixie Belden                    James Winthrop Frayne II






                                          Jennifer Aniston as                        Chris O'Donnell as

                                              Honey Wheeler                                Brian Belden





                                 Catherine Zeta Jones as                           Brad Pitt as

                                        Diana Lynch                                    Mart Belden





                                       George Eads as                           Sandra Bullock as

                                          Dan Mangan                              Morgan Raines






                                               James Stewart as                        Donna Reed as

                                                  Peter Belden                             Helen Belden






                                                         Brian Denehy as                 Burgess Meredith as

                                                 Sgt. Molinson                           Mr. Lytell





                              Christopher Walken as













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